Black Tie Wedding at Hotel 1000

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4262014_hotel_1000 wedding_ceremonySarah and Taylor were married at the Hotel 1000 on a lovely late April day. Guests from around the country arrived in their best for the black tie affair, something that’s not as common in the northwest. Hotel 1000 offers a modern style venue with several intimate spots, including a library (used as the whiskey bar for this one!), a terrace, and a larger ballroom which is usually used for dinners. The terrace is a unique room in Seattle – something that seems straight out of a Manhattan boutique hotel.

4262014_hotel_1000 wedding_ first danceFor this wedding, as with many here, the terrace was used for both the wedding ceremony and the dancing. Once the Rabbi announced the couple as husband and wife, Taylor stomped on the glass, guests shouted “Mazeltov!” and the real party began. As dinner was served, Aria Style helped transform the terrace for the dancing, complete with stylish couches and amber up-lighting. After a round of toasts, guests were invited into the dancing area and many were excited as the curtains opened to reveal the lounge/dance party.

4262014_hotel_1000_wedding_ dancing
The dancing began with a sweet embrace by Sarah and Taylor as they swayed to Citizen Cope’s “Sideways.” Once the formal dances were completed, the real fun ensued, as the bride’s eclectic taste for indie dance pop worked well with the sophisticated crowd. DJ Sean mixed it up later as hip hop, country and classics were requested. Everyone had a ball!

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