La Hora Loca

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Axis Pioneer Square was host to a very fun and wordly wedding celebration. The ceremony included the traditional Jewish Chuppah, and after the breaking of the glass and a loud group yell of “Mazel Tov,” the Latin American flavors kicked in, with Juan Luis Guerra’s A Pedir Su Mano enticing the couple to salsa dance back down the aisle. P1060048 The reception featured spirited dancing to an excellent latin version of Hava Nagila, the father of the bride leading the crowd in the ’70s dance craze The Hustle, many classic and modern pop and hip hop hits in between heavy doses of Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. At least half the guests were from the groom’s home country of Venezuela, or other south American countries, and they partied hard. The capper was at 11 pm, for La Hora Loca (Crazy Hour), when the bridal party came down from the DJ perch and bridal hideaway area with day-glow toys, hats, masks, and fun props. DJ Sean saved some of the hottest latin and club mixed pop for this time, and the party went to an even higher level.

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