Hot Day at Pickering Barn

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Kimi_armand_pickering_barn_ceremonyYoung and lovely couple Kimi and Armand celebrated their wedding with a ceremony and reception at the Pickering Barn on one of the hottest and muggiest day in the NW in quite some time. The heat didn’t phase their family and friends as the ceremony concluded and the reception began inside, smiles all around. While bride Kimi has Japanese heritage, Armand is of Armenian decent. So, why not cater the affair with Mexican Food from Seattle restaurant Cactus?
Kimi_armand_pickering_barn_dancingThe food went quickly and the partying began. With a mix of country music and newer pop, guests were enjoying themselves. Once a large group of younger friends went outside for air, DJ Sean got many requests for Armenian music from the groom’s family. A quick download of Armenian hits and the dancing kicked into high gear. Such fun party music, especially songs by Aram Asatryan. From Brian McKnight’s Back at One for the first dance to Asatryan’s Cehm Ouzoum, the music and dancing kept the revelry in high gear despite the heat.

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