Wedding Surprise at Westland Distillery

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westland distillery last dance sept 6 2014With loosened liquor laws abound in WA state, distilleries are popping up everywhere. One of the new kids on the block is Westland Distillery, with an impressive facility in the Sodo area of Seattle. With a great front area complete with a whiskey tasting bar, along with a back barrel room, and an amazing distillery where the production happens – huge copper piping mixed with a modern computerized system mixes new and old with this new and old industry – makes this venue is one of the most fun new venues to come around in some time. Bride and Groom Noelle and Matthew were excited to celebrate their wedding here.

westland distillery ceremony sept 6 2014The Haggis Brother were hired to start off the night with a cocktail hour. Then guests were asked to enter the main area to watch a “presentation.” People thought they would see a video from the couple’s trip to Jamaica, where they supposedly got married. To everyone’s (well just about all there) surprise, an announcement was made that the couple hadn’t actually tied the knot, they were in fact going to get married right then and there. Joe and Lou from the band played the lovely Irish instrumental, “The Gentle Maiden” as the procession started. Bride Noelle was a glowing beauty while groom Matthew kept his cool until his emotions got the better of him during the ceremony officiated by his good friend.

westland distillery couple sept 6 2014westland distillery dancing fun sept 6 2014Cameron Catering provided some incredible food and the whiskey was flowing freely. No one got too drunk, thank goodness. Just fun dancing with DJ Sean as he led the rest of the night with great tunes from many decades.

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  1. Cameron catering is the best and we love Justine over there!

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